We ensure our clients with complete satisfaction. Our aim is to provide high rated and professional service to all of our clients. But in case if any client not satisfied with the progression then we offers a refund guarantee on following terms:

 Our refund policy covers the refunds for the services owned and managed by our company
 We believe that every effort should be made to reach a solution that is fully acceptable reciprocally in case of any situation where dissatisfaction related to services comes. Only when things are completely out of hand that refund should be considered.
 Partial refund will be issued as per the judgment of the service provider if we fail to complete the project in accordance with the delivery policy and contract of agreement.
 We provide 100% refund within 15 calendar days from date of order if it follow our terms of refund.
 Refund not applicable for express service clients.
 Refund is not applicable if there is any delay.
 For the time that the services have already been provided, refund is not applicable
 If the information provided by the client is incomplete and/or complete information regarding the project is not provided at the initiation of the project, we are not liable to follow our delivery or refund commitments.
 There is no provision for compensation for the delay of delivery under any conditions, until and unless there is an agreement signed with a penalty clause for delay in delivery
 At any point of time, we amend this policy without prior notice under its sole discretion. You are therefore requested to review this policy periodically.