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epson printer says offline

Epson is a leading company that specializes in developing high-quality printers and other computer-related products. One of the more common problems faced by Epson printer users is the computer showing the Printer Offline when it is actually on and ready to print. Epson Printer Offline is a common error that must be solved as soon as possible to ensure productive printing.  Typically, when the printer displays ‘Offline,’ it means that it does not interact with the device.

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Causes Of Epson Printer Offline Error :

Before you begin troubleshooting 
the mistake, consider these triggers.
  1. USB connectivity
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Obsolete Drivers
  4. Paper Stuffing

Here are some easy ways to solve the problem if you are facing similar issue with your Epson printer.

Step 1: Disable Use Printer Offline feature of your EPSON printer and

Step 2 – Set the Epson printer to “Online” manually and update your EPSON printer driver.


Step 3- Cancel all pending printing jobs and Reinstall your EPSON printer.

Step 4 – Remove all printer drivers and packages.

Follow the steps given above and you can return 
to the online status of your  printer offline. 
If it still doesn’t work, however, call the offline support number for the Epson printer and get instant answers for why your  printer says offline, how to turn online, my printer is offline, etc.




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