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How to Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue in Windows?

Whenever you notice that your brother printer is not printing anymore, and there is no paper jam or ink empty issue but still you are facing problems with your printer. Then, most probably your printer is offline and stopped working. In this guide, we will help you to bring your brother printer online again.

Why does your brother printer often go offline?

Every one of us, who owns a printer is known about this issue and we must say most of us do not even know why it happens? The answer is simple: it happens because of a lack of communication between your computer and printer. So, next time you see this icon flashing on your printer screen “Printer offline”, you know what is going on.

Smooth Communication is important

The printer offline issue occurs because of a lack of communication between your computer and printer. So, that’s why communication between peripherals is important not only for your printer but for other devices also. Lack of communication can occur because of cracked wires of your devices or if it is wireless then make sure none of the battery is performing low, change the batteries of devices from time to time.

How to fix a brother printer that says offline

If you are using Microsoft Windows then it’s easy to get your printer back online you just have to follow a few steps.

  • Click on the start Icon placed below the left corner.
  • Open Control panel>Devices and printer
  • Right-click on the printer having issues.
  • Click on “See what’s printing”
  • A dialogue box will open then choose a printer from the menu
  • Select “Use printer online”

If you are using Mac OS Then it’s a bit different to fix this issue, you just need to reset your printer and it will help.

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Brother printer drivers play an important role

Drivers for any device play a crucial role in the functioning of a device, they are basically the software support for the compatible device connected to a computer such as a Printer, Fax, or even little devices like a mouse.  Sometimes, devices do not need drivers because they are already installed on the computer. But many times, it is compulsory to install the drivers of the device to ensure the smooth functioning of the device. So, we must keep checking for new updates of our device’s drivers from time to time.

We hope this article will help you get your printer back online, and if still, any problem occurs then it’s the right time to give us a call. Our well-experienced technicians will provide the best service you can have regarding your printer or computer.



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