My Epson printer called offline WHEN/WHY?

If an offline message is shown on your Epson printer, that means that there is a connection issue between the Epson printer and the PC

Due to any hardware or software-related problems, the Epson printer does not communicate with computers. The ‘Spooler’ service, stopped or sluggish, might make your printer go offline

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Your EPSON printer is ready to work when you set it up, but your machine just says it is offline. As a consequence, your file can’t be printed. This issue really makes you angry and sometimes drives you nuts.

Don’t be concerned anymore! 3 tried-and-true remedies for EPSON Printer Offline are standing by you here in this post. Read on to figure out how…

Before that let’s talk about the Common reasons as to why this even happens:

These are some of the likely reasons why Epson printers go offline
  1. If an offline message is shown on your Epson printer, it indicates there is some communication issue between the Epson printer and the PC. 
  2. Due to any hardware or software-related problems, the Epson printer does not communicate with computers. 
  3. The ‘Spooler’ service, stopped or sluggish, might make your printer go offline.
  4. Wrong printer Settings
  5. An outdated printer driver may prevent your printer from functioning.

Now let’s talk about some fixes that can save you from this situation :

Try these fixes:

Disable Using the Offline Printer feature of the EPSON printer

  1. Update your printer driver with EPSON

Reinstall your printer with EPSON

If your issue isn’t still resolved, try these steps :

 Check the connections to your Epson printer

Step 2 – Set the Epson printer to “Online” manually

Step 3- Cancel all pending printing jobs
Step 4- Reinstall Epson Printer
Step 5- Remove all printer drivers and packages

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Also, keep in mind that you will not be able to print if the status of your printer or All-In-One is offline or paused. Provided the printer is correctly connected and configured, manually adjusting the status of the printer will allow you to print again.

Your printer can pause after a print job error occurs.

If it can’t interact with your PC, your printer might appear offline. To try to get your printer back online, here are some stuff.

Verify that the printer is switched on and wired to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. The built-in menu of your printer should show which network it is linked to, or check the manual of your printer for more details.

Make sure your printer is not in the Use Of Printer section.

Selecting Wireless Network Settings From the Control Panel

You can use your product control panel to pick or adjust wireless network settings.
Follow the instructions on the Start Here page to install your product on a wireless network and install the appropriate software. Via network setup, the installer software guides you.

Note: The failure or repair of this product may result in fax and fax losses.

If it can’t interact with your PC, your printer might appear offline. … Select Start > Setup > Equipment > Scanners & Printers. Next, pick Printer > Open Queue. Make sure that Use Printer Offline is not selected under Printer.



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