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Brother Printer says offline:

Often, when we try to print an important paper from your computer, it happens, but the Brother printer insists it’s offline. But don’t worry at the time because it could be a Windows 10 upgrade issue or the router’s wireless link issue.

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My Brother Printer on Windows 10 showing Offline?  WHY

As you have noticed, the Brother printer goes offline with a single upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 10 Upgrade or Driver Update, though, is not the only excuse to take the printer offline. The link issue is the key reason behind the brother printer displaying an offline message in Windows 10.
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Brother printer offline windows 10

1.click the Start button and then click on the Computers and Printers option.
2.Right-click your Brother Printer icon now, and then click the See What’s Printing button on the phone.
3.At the top of the window, press the Printer option > Look for a checkmark in front of the    Use Printer Offline option. Delete the checkmark, and it will start printing your document again. And then continue to the next stage if it still does not work.
4Switch off the Brother printer and disconnect the USB cable to the printer from your device.

5.Turn your printer on now.

WiFi-connected but offline Brother printer on Windows 10

If your printer is linked right, it says offline, so it may have anything to do with the state of the Brother printer. You may not set the chosen printer as the default printer, or it may be offline or paused from the Windows 10 printer assets. To verify all the problems, follow these simple moves.
1.Open Windows for Printers and Computers from the Control Panel.
2.Pick and right-click on your Brother Printer to open “See what’s printing”
3.Right-click the chosen printer again, and then click ‘Set as default printer.’
4.You will see your printer status under “Set as the default printer,” offline or paused.
5.”If you have paused the Brother printer, simply click on “Resume printing.

6.Conduct a Print Test

Brother Printer Offline Windows 10: Overview of Problems

Many Brother printer users have experienced this error. When we see that the printer is online, this is one of the most irritating faults, but it displays it as offline. The Windows 10 offline Brother Printer error typically pops up due to different technological problems. Link, print queue or anything that can have issues. There may be any other flaws in the printer.
The Brother printer will usually avoid printing when there is an offline Brother printer mistake. Read this guide to repair your Windows 10 Offline Brother Printer problem.
In the next line, let us execute these basic steps before going for the complicated steps.
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Fix Brother Printer Offline

1.There are several ways you can try to resolve the problem of the Brother printer offline:
2.Verify that the Brother Printer has turned ON and there are no screen errors.
3.Make sure the Brother printer is correctly attached to the computer.
4.Make sure your Brother Printer is configured as the default printer.
5.Delete all print jobs from the Printer Properties section.
6.If you see a copy of the Brother printer icon (such as:-Brother XXX-XXXX (Copy 1)), delete it from your device.

7.Note:- Please contact Chat Support or Call Brother Printer Support toll-free if you face the same issue again or it doesn’t fix the issues. google it


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